"Sí es cosa tuya" book by Olivia Mandle

In 2022 I received the incredible challenge to write a book. I was nervous, because although I love to read, I am not a writer, but I was excited at the prospect of putting my ideas down on paper. It was a journey full of self-growth and learning, but I did it, and in no small part was motivated by always having to tell people “Sí es cosa tuya” (yes, it is up to you).

I constantly hear that Climate Change is very complex and abstract and that it is for others to solve, but the reality is that our planet is dying and we all not only can, but must do our part, and change things, because #Siescosatuya (yes, it’s up to you).

In the book I write in a very easy way about all the aspects that have led us to this situation, and I propose many small great ideas to act and achieve real change. Starting with our values and awareness.

We can all be the voice of HOPE. And we must all ACT before it is too late.



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    Cover and inside art by the amazing Spanish illustrator, Ana Jarén