Environmental activist. I fight for the rights of marine animals and the health of our planet. I am absolutely fascinated with dolphins, but I love all animals.

I have a very strong connection with the Mediterranean which is why I created the Jelly Cleaner, an innovative tool to clean microplastics from the sea surface. Fighting against plastics is one of my most important battles, it is the most important issue facing our oceans and polluting the Mediterranean. If we don’t have a clean and healthy Mediterranean, it will be impossible for the animals to survive. It will be impossible for humans to survive.


I dream of creating a Marine Sanctuary in the Mediterranean: SUA – Save Us All. Only with awareness can we save ourselves, save the planet, and all living things that inhabit it.

My campaign on Change.org with the goal of prohibiting dolphin parks in Spain needs your signature. #noesPaisparaDelfines 

In September 2020 I was recognized as a “Mini Heroine” by the Jane Goodall Institute and its educational program, Roots & Shoots.

I love to dance underwater and imagine I am surrounded by dolphins who feel as free as I do

Learn about SUA - my dream project