Campaign - Noespaisparadelfines

In March 2020 I launched my first campaign on the platform, with the objective of freeing the three dolphins that were still in the Barcelona Zoo and transferring them to a marine sanctuary. The campaign collected over 52,000 signatures in just 5 months, which appeared to directly have influenced the Barcelona Zoo and the city council to transfer them, although not to a sanctuary. Much to my regret, they were transferred to another zoo, the Attica Zoological Park in Athens. This sad ending did not make me give up, but rather gave me even more strength to launch my new campaign on “For the end of dolphin parks in Spain” with the hashtag: #noespaisparapelfines.

This new campaign, which already has over 101,000 signatures, responds to what I already wanted with the launch of the first one, which is to ask the Spanish government to ban dolphin parks in Spain once and for all, just as other countries have already done, (Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Chile or India). These countries have recognized that dolphins and other animals such as killer whales or belugas, are animals gifted with high social intelligence, in need of their community to develop, they are autonomous and self-aware beings and they want to make their own decisions about what they do and where they go. 

In October 2021 we presented a motion with the support of 5 senators in the Spanish Senate. We hope to present the motion in front of the entire parliament in the upcoming months to sign into law the prohibition of cetaceans in captivity. 

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