I am an animal rights activist and climate warrior. I fight for the rights of marine animals and I dream of a plastic-free Mediterranean. I lead a campaign on Change.org #Noespaisparadelfines to end dolphin parks in Spain.  I am an EU Climate Pact Ambassador, a National Geographic Storyteller, WILD Foundation's Marine Ambassador, and an Ambassador for “La España Azul” project by explorer Nacho Dean. I was recognized with an International Award from The Jane Goodall Institute Global for my campaigns. 

In 2019 I created a tool to clean microplastics from the sea. I call it “Jelly Cleaner” and anyone can make one only using recycled materials you can find at home.

Combining my love for the Mediterranean and for animals, specifically dolphins, in early 2020 I created my first campaign on the Change.org platform asking the Barcelona City Government to save the three dolphins that were imprisoned at the Barcelona Zoo. In just a few months my campaign received over 56,000 signatures. However, the campaign did not have the outcome I was hoping for because although these dolphins were moved from the Barcelona Zoo, they were just transferred to a new aquarium in Athens, Greece.

I turned my disappointment into determination, and I launched an even more ambitious and necessary campaign, directed to the president of the Spanish Government, calling for a COMPLETE BAN ON DOLPHIN PARKS and KEEPING CETACEANS IN CAPTIVITY.

My current campaign on Change.org #noesPaisparaDelfines is to force the Spanish government to pass a law for the progressive closing of Dolphin Parks and ending cetaceans in captivity. I already have 140,000 signatures, we presented a motion in the Spanish Senate in 2021, and in March 2022 I submitted evidence in the Public Hearing period of the new Animal Welfare Bill proposal.

I gave my first TEDx talk in February 2022.

I love ballet, art, and music.