(Photo by Sofía Moro / El País)

Art is one of my passions.

I have decided to launch a series of art pieces to shout what I feel and make a call to act and reflect.

They are also pieces of solidarity. All the benefits from their sale will be allocated in their entirety to the CRAM Foundation and therefore helping marine animals that are rescued and cared for.

The SuperPowers of Art is the gallery in charge of the sale and I greatly appreciate its collaboration.

You can read more about it here in the The SuperPowers of Art blog post.

Buy an original and signed print of "Earth", the first in the series, by clicking here.

EARTH - Activist Art by Olivia Mandle


Buy an original and signed print of "Sea", by clicking here.

Sea - Activist Art by Olivia Mandle


This series is a cry to value nature. A call to action and reflection on the extremely beautiful, sensitive but also necessary natural world that surrounds us.

With this series I want to raise awareness from a positive point of view.


Pencil, black marker and acrylic paints.

 The black color of the letters:

I have been inspired by the current situation of nature, of our planet, the way it came back to life at the time when humans were confined and my question: Can this entire pandemic help us to reflect and change our habits?

To me the color black means the return without reflection to what was once normal: an "environmental crisis". Going back to as we were, not acting and not changing worries me.