In the summer of 2019 I created a tool for cleaning up microplastics from the surface of the sea. Every time my family and I go out to the sea, whatever season of the year it is, we go with my “Jelly Cleaner” to clean up all the plastic and garbage that we come across. I fight microplastics, which are ingested by marine animals, such as fish, and which dangerously end up in our food chain.


Olivia Mandle and her Jelly Cleaner  



The Ocean Cats and I, together with a common goal: fight against microplastics

I was out on the open sea with my “Jelly Cleaner” and I met up with the Ocean Cats, so our two inventions were together in cleaning microplastics from the Mediterranean. It was an unforgettable and unique experience, not to mention a lot of fun. Being out there with a sister to my Jelly Cleaner, pulled by a boat that was being rowed manually by the Ocean Cats, with its solar panels, uniquely creative and full of good cheer. Martí and his team made me laugh and they were surprised to see my Jelly Cleaner, small and recycled, but strong and doing its job! 

I loved working together in the fight against plastic for our beloved Mediterranean.

Olivia Mandle and Ocean Cats Rowing

For more information about the 2020 Mediterranean Cleanup, check out here for the video, and here for photos.FHere are links to the 2019 Mediterranean Cleanup: here for the video, and here for photos.

Last year I also had a memorable experience of going out in a kayak made of only recycled plastics and along with my Jelly Cleaner we cleaned the sea. Read about it here.