Olivia Mandle Jelly Cleaner

(photo by Sofía Moro /El País) 

Together with the Ocean Cats, united for a single goal: fight against microplastic.

I get excited just writing about my encounter with them in the open sea during the Mediterranean Cleanup in which I participated, and organized by Delicious & Sons and its impact program, We Care.

I was out in the open sea with my "Jelly Cleaner" to meet up with the Ocean Cats, and bring together two inventions that clean microplastics from the Mediterranean. It was an unforgettable and unique experience, and also a lot of fun.

It was amazing to meet up with a sister of my "Jelly Cleaner", pulled by a boat being rowed manually by the Ocean Cats, a super creative boat complete with solar panels and a joke-telling crew. Led by Martí, he and his crewmates made me laugh and were taken by surprise by my Jelly Cleaner, small and recycled, but powerful and effective!

It was beautiful and unforgettable to row together against the plastic in our beloved Mediterranean.


Olivia Mandle and Ocean Cats Rowing  




Olivia Mandle and her Jelly Cleaner

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Last year I also had a memorable experience of going out in a kayak made of only recycled plastics and along with my Jelly Cleaner we cleaned the sea. Read about it here.