Multi-Dimensional Mediterranean Cleanup 9/19/2020

Every year I participate in and help organize an incredible multi-dimensional Mediterranean Cleanup. You may be asking, "What does multi-dimensional mean?" In this case it's because we clean the beach and the rocky coast, as well as the seabed with volunteer scuba divers, and even the sea surface with my invention, the Jelly Cleaner. Organizing it is a huge ordeal and along with my parents, my brother and I are an important part and work very hard but passionately. This year we were more than 200 people with the common goal to raise AWARENESS about the urgent need to take care of the environment, and it was very exciting.

I lead a group of 14 kids on paddle boards, each one towing a Jelly Cleaner I made from recycled materials to clean microplastics from the surface of the Mediterranean. We collected over 12 oz. (340g) of microplastics in just one hour!

I'll keep you posted on my next environmental activities!  

Watch the video below: