Don't throw out your cellphones, I'll take them!


"The Forest is Calling" or "Movilízate por la Selva" is a cell phone recycling campaign created by the Jane Goodall Institute in Spain through their educational program, Roots & Shoots (Raíces & Brotes), with the support of conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall.

The campaign consists in extending the life of our phones and support recycling of cell phones to protect African ecosystems.

I'm collecting old cell phones and chargers that are no longer being used, and with this simple gesture we can:

  •  Give these phones new uses and therefore reduce the unsustainable demand for its parts
  • Recycle useful parts and adequately dispose of toxic materials, avoiding furthing pollution of the environment.
  • Also, the Jane Goodall Institute uses these old phones to raise money for development projects that support the people of the Congo through educational and conservation programs such as the Chimpanzee Recovery Center in Tchimpounga. There the Jane Goodall Institute cares for more than 150 rescued chimpanzees, the majority of them rescued from terrible conditions from hunters, animal traffickers or as pets.
  • The funds raised from the sale of these old devices are used to support reforestation and chimpanzee conservation projects in Senegal, and educational programs for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By helping me, you also help the generous actions of the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots.

Write me at: and I'll collect the old phones and chargers that you're no longer using.