My campaign has the support of the following Conservation Organizations, Scientists and Environmental Activists:

  • Dr. Naomi Rose, PhD (Marine Mammal Scientist) 
  • Dr. Lori Marino PhD (President,  The Whale Sanctuary Project)
  • Margaux Dodds (Director Marine Connection & Chair Dolphinaria-Free Europe)
  • Dr. Bruno Díaz López, PhD (Director of The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute
  • Dr. Heather Ralley DVM (Senior Veterinarian, PETA)
  • Dr. Rebecca Atencia (Director of Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, The Jane Goodall Institute)
  • Dr. Silvia Frey PhD (Director & Marine Conservation Biologist KYMA)
  • Dr. Darja Ribaric MPhil (President and Head researcher
  • Pablo Sánchez (Managing Director, B Lab Spain)
  • Federico Bogdanowicz (Managing Director, The Jane Goodall Institute España)
  • Dr. Elsa Cabrera (Managing Director, Centro de Conservación de Cetáceos Chile)
  • Nacho Dean (Naturalist and Explorer)
  • Manu San Félix (National Geographic Explorer and Biologist)
  • Dr. Diva Amon
  • Mark J. Palmer (Associate Director, International Marine Mammal Project - Earth Island Institute)
  • Charlie Sarria (Biologist, Founder, Condrik Tenerife)
  • Evelyn Segura (Biologist, author, TV presenter)
  • Pol Vives
  • Pol Cerdà
  • Andrea Torres (Biologist, FAADA)


  World Animal Protection
The Whale Sanctuary Project Nova Scotia
LAV Italia Dalla Parte Degli Animali
International Marine Mammal Project
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