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Activist Art - FAUNA (signed copy)

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Fauna represents the importance of biodiversity, of animals, and the balance of the planet for human survival.

  • 200g Canson Paper
  • 29.7cm x 42cm (DINA3)
  • Pencil, black marker, acrylic paints



During the COVID19 Pandemic, I began the creation of a series of activist and solidarity posters with which to draw attention to our wonderful planet and the incredible biodiversity that life gives us. A cry to appreciate nature, a call for action and reflection. With this series I want to raise awareness with a sense of optimism, we have work to do: to build and not destroy. 

This series is about LIFE, GIVING THANKS, and FREEDOM.

Each of the "words-concept" in this series are of vital importance and each are on a path towards destruction: seas laden with plastic, the importance of flora and fauna for the balance of our ecosystem.

The letters in black means mean a lack of reflection, appreciation, and of respect: destruction. The colors around the letters represents the beauty of the natural balance.

This is part of a 5-piece series, the other posters are: 

  • SEA
  • HOPE

All proceeds will go to supporting my campaign: #noespaisparadelfines. If you haven't already please sign my campaign here.

I would like to thank the The SuperPowers of Art gallery in charge of the sale of this series. I greatly appreciate their collaboration and solidarity.

**(Frame not included)**

Activist Art - FAUNA (signed copy)
Activist Art - FAUNA (signed copy)

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