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Activist Art - HOPE (signed copy)

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Like a cry that I carry personally and very intimately. The word is generous and humble, and the current situation of our planet robs us of any hope. As the last piece in the series, it was not chosen at random, I always knew that HOPE would be the piece to close the circle.

Each letter is connected with one of the other four pieces: the “H” with an anchor, a symbol of hope, is connected with the SEA. The “O” with a white dove, another symbol of hope and peace is linked with FAUNA. The “P” with an olive branch, the eternal symbol of peace that connects with Mother Earth and EARTH. It is also a cry to end the wars between humans, and to end the "war" between humans and nature. Lastly, we have “E”, with the rainbow of colors found in FAUNA, and connected to the infinite perfection and uniqueness of nature.

  • 200g Canson Paper
  • 29.7cm x 42cm (DINA3)
  • Pencil, black marker, acrylic paints



During the COVID19 Pandemic, I began the creation of a series of activist and solidarity posters with which to draw attention to our wonderful planet and the incredible biodiversity that life gives us. A cry to appreciate nature, a call for action and reflection. With this series I want to raise awareness with a sense of optimism, we have work to do: to build and not destroy. 

This series is about LIFE, GIVING THANKS, and FREEDOM.

Each of the "words-concept" in this series are of vital importance and each are on a path towards destruction: seas laden with plastic, the importance of flora and fauna for the balance of our ecosystem.

The letters in black means mean a lack of reflection, appreciation, and of respect: destruction. The colors around the letters represents the beauty of the natural balance.

This is part of a 5-piece series, the other posters are: 

  • SEA

All proceeds will go to supporting my campaign: #noespaisparadelfines. If you haven't already please sign my campaign here.

I would like to thank the The SuperPowers of Art gallery in charge of the sale of this series. I greatly appreciate their collaboration and solidarity.

**(Frame not included)**

Activist Art - HOPE (signed copy)
Activist Art - HOPE (signed copy)

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